Quick navigation guide for web app

Welcome to Camelo — an employee scheduling app for shift-based businesses and hourly workers. Here’s a quick start guide to get you started.

When you open the Camelo web app on your computer, you’ll see 5 main tabs at the top of your screen: Dashboard, Scheduler, Attendance, Timesheets, Contacts.


Here’s where you can view snapshots of your business operations, requests, and your personal calendar.

camelo dashboard overview

You can view the number of people who are currently clocked in, on break, late, or absent on the current day.

You can view the number of scheduled shifts, shifts awaiting employees to confirm, empty open shifts, and unfinished shifts of the current week.

Requests regarding shift changes, swaps, or time off will appear here. You can approve or decline them.

Open shifts of the time duration you choose will appear here.

Learn more about what open shifts are.

Your upcoming shifts, available hours, and unavailable hours will be displayed here.

Learn more about availability.


From the Scheduler tab, you can:

– View your shifts and other members’ shifts.

– Create and publish new shifts.

– Edit and delete existing shifts.

camelo scheduler

Here’s where you can adjust schedule views, settings, and time duration for your schedule. You can also copy, zoom, and publish your schedule.

A list of added employees in your current schedule. You can view their total scheduled hours, time off, shifts, etc. of each employee.

Each block on the calendar represents a shift.

Learn how to add shifts here.

Once you’re done assigning shifts to employees, you can click Publish to share the schedule to your team.


Attendance features are available on the Camelo smartphone apps and the Kiosk app. You and your team can either use the phone or a terminal device to clock in and out.

Tap Get Started to get instructions for using this feature.

attendance feature on camelo ios, camelo android, camelo kiosk

You can download Camelo on iOS and Android to use Attendance features.

Learn more about how to clock in and clock out on Camelo app.

The kiosk app can be used to set up a terminal device for clocking in and out. For example, you place a tablet at the workplace entrance and everyone can use that tablet to clock in/out, then you can use the kiosk app.

Visit https://kiosk.camelohq.com to use it or learn more about how to use it here.


From the Timesheets tab, you can:

– View timesheets of each team member.

– Edit & approve timesheets.

– Export & print timesheets.

camelo timesheets


Here’s where you can view information of other team members. The owner of a business account can also add, edit, and archive members.


You can click Feedback on the top right corner to send feedback to the Camelo team directly.

Account Settings

You can click the  button on the top right corner to manage your account settings.