Delete sample data

We’ve added sample data (sample shifts, employees, requests, timesheets) to your new business account so you can better understand how Camelo works. Once you’re more familiar with the app, you can delete sample data and start filling in your own

Confirm/reject an assigned shift

When your manager assigns you a new shift, details of the new shift will arrive in the Notifications tab. You’ll need to confirm whether you’ll take the shift or not. This is to let your manager knows you will work

What is availability?

Availability on Camelo is your preference regarding when you’re available and unavailable for work. By default, you’re set to be available all day. By setting your availability, you let the scheduler know when you prefer to work and when you

Create timesheets

A timesheet on Camelo records the total work hours per shift of each employee. It ensures you pay your staff correctly and stay compliant with the laws. Although a timesheet is automatically recorded when an employee clocks in and clocks

Approve and reject leave requests

The leave request feature on Camelo allows business owners and managers to approve leaves right from their phones, saving a huge time spent on paperwork and administration. Approve/reject leave requests from your phone 📌 Tap Approve all pending requests to

Upload schedule photos

If you have a manual spreadsheet or a paper schedule, you can take photos of them and upload to Camelo: Go to the Schedule tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the ••• icon in the top-right corner and

Publish a shift

You can publish a shift right from your team schedule: Publishing options There are 3 publishing options on Camelo: Notify and require confirmation Your employee will receive a notification of the new shift. They need to confirm whether they’ll take

Edit a shift

You can edit a shift right from your team schedule:

Access and permission

Different roles in Camelo have different levels of access and permission to data. Roles in Camelo There are 4 roles in Camelo: Owner, Payroll Admin, Schedule Manager, and Employee. Assign roles to team members Now the team members you’ve added

Change business account settings

You can manage your business account settings anytime: From here, you can: Update schedules of your business A schedule on Camelo is a way to group your employees. A schedule can be a physical location, a team, or a department.