Documents on Camelo

Documents feature on Camelo is where you can upload and share important documents, files, and materials with your team. Add a new document Require acknowledgement If you turn acknowledgment on for a document, the recipients will need to acknowledge that

Use Message Boards on Camelo

Message Boards on Camelo are ideal places for making announcements, discussing important topics, asking questions, and more. What is a message board? A message board includes conversations dedicated to specific teams, locations, projects, or topics. Members added to each board

Set up a time clock kiosk

With the Camelo time clock kiosk, you can set up a dedicated device at your workplace for employees to clock in and out. Employees clock in and out by entering their Kiosk codes. Note Set up time clock kiosk Here’s

Publish schedules

After assigning shifts to your employees, you can publish your schedule. You can choose to notify employees, require a confirmation from them, or not notify them. There are 3 publishing options on Camelo: Notify and require confirmation Your employees will

Shift status

Shifts on Camelo have several status. You can use status to filter shifts and view your workplace schedules, get a snapshot of your business operations, or simply view your personal shifts easier. Shift status on Camelo Awaiting To Confirm: Shifts

Navigate the Scheduler on mobile app

The Scheduler is where you create, edit, and manage the schedule of your business. To access the Scheduler, open the Camelo app and tap the Scheduler tab at the bottom of your screen. The Scheduler on Camelo app has 3

Turn on/off dark mode

If you’re more of a dark-mode person, you can turn on dark mode in Camelo. Turn on dark mode From the Home tab, select your profile picture in the top-left corner of the screen. Toggle Dark Mode on/off.

Change language settings

Camelo currently supports English, Vietnamese, and French. Change language settings

Manage multiple schedules of a workplace

If your workplace has several physical locations, teams, or departments, you can create multiple schedules for each of them. For example: You can add new schedules or edit existing schedules quickly on Camelo. Add a schedule 📌 By adding the

How Camelo time clock and attendance works

The Camelo time clock combines scheduling with tracking employee time, making payroll easier for shift-based businesses. Mobile time clock Employees can use their mobile devices to clock in and clock out of their shifts. Their work hours are recorded based