What is an open shift?

An open shift is not assigned to any specific team member. When you publish an open shift, whoever claims the open shift first can take that shift. You can implement open shifts if you want employees to have the flexibility

Archive members in your business account

You can archive members when you don’t want them to access information on your business account anymore. Archive members on Camelo Once you’ve archived a member, they’ll receive an email notifying them that they won’t be able to log into

Sign up for a business account

A business account provides a central place for your team to get updates about new schedules, announcements, and messages. ❗ If you’re an employee or a team member, you need to create an employee account and join the business account

Contact us

You can send your feedback and suggestions to us, or get support from our team via these channels: Chat on web From the Camelo website, chat with us by clicking on the chat box button at the bottom right corner

Quick navigation guide for mobile app

Welcome to Camelo — an employee scheduling app for shift-based businesses and hourly workers. Here’s a quick start guide to get you started. When you open the Camelo app, you’ll see 5 main tabs at the bottom of your screen:

Quick start guide for business owners, managers, and admins (web)

Are you new to Camelo and not sure where to start? Follow these 5 steps to start scheduling and managing your team on Camelo. 1. Set up your business To schedule faster on Camelo, take the time to set up

What is Camelo?

Camelo is an employee scheduling software that helps shift-based workplaces manage their work schedules and people better. What can business owners, managers, and admins do on Camelo? What can team members and employees do on Camelo? ❓ Where can I