What is Camelo?

Camelo is an employee scheduling software that helps shift-based workplaces manage their work schedules and people better.

What can business owners, managers, and admins do on Camelo?

  • Create, edit, and publish shift schedules
  • Schedule staff and find replacements based on availability, skills, and roles
  • See who’s working, where they’re working, and what they’re working on
  • Let employees select open shifts and swap shifts for more flexibility
  • Manage all time off requests
  • Communicate with the team in real-time: send and receive announcements, messages, work information
  • Save labor records and stay compliant
  • Record, approve, and export timesheets for accurate payroll

What can team members and employees do on Camelo?

  • Receive instant notifications on new work schedules, updates, tasks, and information
  • Receive reminders on all upcoming shifts and tasks
  • Access and view work schedules from anywhere
  • Clock in and clock out from any device
  • Add and update availability
  • Select open shifts and swap shifts with coworkers
  • Submit leave and time-off requests via the app
  • Chat with coworkers in real-time in 1-on-1 or group chats

❓ Where can I download Camelo?

You can download and install Camelo in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

You can also use Camelo on desktop by visiting https://dashboard.camelohq.com/.

❓ How can I set up Camelo for my business?

Learn how to create a business account and get started using a business account in Camelo.

✨ Tip: In Camelo, go to the Menu tab and select Product Guide to learn more about how to use the app!

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What is Camelo?

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