View your shift schedules

View your shift schedule

You can view a list of your own shifts by going to the Schedule tab, then selecting the My Shifts tab. You can filter shifts by date and status to have a better view of your own shifts.

View shift details

Tap on a shift to view its details:

  • Start and end time
  • Break duration
  • Position
  • Job site
  • Note from manager
  • Shift status

Confirm shifts

When you confirm shifts, you let your manager know that you’ll take the assigned shifts. Confirmed shifts have the checkmark symbol, while shifts that haven’t yet been confirmed have the X symbol.

📌 Learn more about how to confirm shifts.

If you can’t take the assigned shifts, tap Cannot Work and select Offer shift, Trade shift, or Notify manager.

📌 Learn more about how to swap shifts and offer shifts.

Let your manager know you’re unavailable for work

If you’re not available for work on a certain day, you can set your unavailability or request time off.

  • Set your unavailability: You let your manager know when you prefer not to work. Your manager can schedule shifts that override your unavailability preferences.
  • Request time off: You let your manager know you’ll take time off. Once your time-off request is approved, your manager can’t schedule shifts that conflict with your time off.

📌 Learn more about how to set unavailability and how to request time off.

View and take open shifts

If your manager publishes some open shifts, you can view and take them in the Schedule tab, on the Open Shifts line.

📌 Learn more about how to take open shifts.

View your time off

Your approved time off will be displayed as gray blocks on the schedule. You can tap on it to view its details.

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View your shift schedules

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