Quick navigation guide for mobile app

Welcome to Camelo — an employee scheduling app for shift-based businesses and hourly workers. Here’s a quick start guide to get you started.

When you open the Camelo app, you’ll see 5 main tabs at the bottom of your screen: Home, Scheduler, Inbox, Notifications, Menu.


Here’s where you can view snapshots of your business operations and information of upcoming shifts.

home tab on camelo scheduling app
The Home tab on Camelo app


From the Scheduler tab, you can:

– View your shifts and other members’ shifts.

– Create and publish new shifts.

– Edit and delete existing shifts.

Scheduler tab on Camelo app
The Scheduler tab on Camelo app


The Inbox tab is where everyone can share work information and exchange messages.

Notifications tab on Camelo app


Within the Notifications tab, you can view notifications about new shifts and requests. You can also view details of them, approve or reject requests, or claim new shifts right from this screen.

notifications on camelo scheduling app


From the Menu tab, you can manage your account settings, view shift data, and manage info of your team members.

Also, from the SCHEDULE section within the Menu tab, you can view and manage your own schedule information, including timesheets, leaves, availability, and shift requests.

Menu tab on Camelo scheduling app

💡 What's next?

📌 If you’re a business owner, manager, or admin, check out this guide for owners of a business account.

📌 If you’re an employee or team member, check out this guide for owners of an employee account.

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Quick navigation guide for mobile app

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