How Camelo time clock and attendance works

The Camelo time clock combines scheduling with tracking employee time, making payroll easier for shift-based businesses.

Mobile time clock

Employees can use their mobile devices to clock in and clock out of their shifts. Their work hours are recorded based on the time they clock in/out, and are automatically captured on their timesheets.

Camelo currently supports 3 clock-in options:

  • Facial Recognition: Employees clock in/out by taking a selfie at the work location.
  • Location: Employees clock in/out by letting their mobile devices detect if they’re at the work location (using GPS).
  • Wifi Network: Employees clock in/out by accessing the Wifi network of the work location.


Employee work hours are recorded on timesheets. Employers and managers can review timesheets to make sure they’re accurate, then export timesheets for payroll processing.

Review & edit timesheets

Employee timesheets are recorded automatically based on the clock-in/clock-out time of employees.

Managers can review and edit employees’ timesheets. Also, employees can edit their own timesheets before submitting them to managers.

Export timesheets

Review timesheets and then export them as spreadsheets.

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How Camelo time clock and attendance works

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