Quick start guide for employees and team members

Are you new to Camelo and not sure where to start? These 7 steps will help you get started with your employee account.

📌 Note: Skip to step 2 if your business owner/manager/admin has already added your email to the team’s business account.

1. Sign up for a Camelo employee account (with a join code)

  1. Open Camelo and tap Sign up for Free.
  2. Select Employee to create an employee account.
  3. Enter your team’s join code. (You’ll need to ask for the join code from the owner of the business account.) Then, tap Request to join.
  4. Enter your full name, email address, and phone number (optional) to complete your profile information.

2. Sign in to your Camelo account

If your business owner/manager/admin has already added your email to the team’s business account, you can sign in right away by following these steps:

  1. Tap Sign in.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. We’ll send a verification code to the email address you’ve entered. Check your email inbox for the code, then enter the code in Camelo to sign in to your account.
  4. Select the team account you want to sign into, and you’re in! 🎉

3. Confirm your assigned shifts

Once your manager publishes your shifts, details of new shifts will arrive in the Notifications tab. Depending on your business scheduling policies, you may need to confirm that you’ll take those shifts (or not).

To do so, simply go to the Notifications tab at the bottom of your screen, view details of the assigned shifts, then select Confirm to take the shift(s).

4. View your first shift schedule

To view your shifts and your team’s schedule, go to the Schedule tab at the bottom of your screen.

You can view your upcoming shifts in the My Shifts tab and your team’s weekly schedule in the Team Shifts tab.

5. Clock into your shift

Clocking in and out of your shift on time lets your manager know you’ve arrived at work and makes sure your working hours are recorded correctly. You can do so right on your phone without having to bring paper time cards.

When your shift is about to start, open Camelo and tap the Clock In button on the home screen. There are 3 clock-in options for you. Choose 1 to clock in:

  • Camera: When you Slide to clock in, you’ll take a selfie at the work location.
  • Location: When you Slide to clock in, you’ll use GPS to prove that you’ve arrived at the work location.
  • Wifi: When you Slide to clock in, you’ll access the Wifi network of the work location.

6. Clock out of your shift

When you want to clock out of your shift, open Camelo and tap the Clock Out button on the home screen. You can Slide to clock out using the same options as when you clock in (Camera, Location, and Wifi). After that, a Shift Summary screen will appear. Tap Finish to confirm and clock out of your shift.

7. Create your first leave request

You can create a leave request on Camelo in just a few taps, without the hassle of a paper form.

To create and submit a leave request, tap the floating + icon in the Home tab, and select New Leave Request. Fill in the details of your leave request and tap Create when you’re done.

You’ll receive a notification when your manager approves/declines your leave request.

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