Apply flexible scheduling options

Flexible scheduling keeps employee morale high while ensuring enough coverage for your business. You can use Camelo to implement several flexible scheduling options and simplify scheduling work.


Employees can use the availability feature on Camelo to let you know when they’re unavailable for work.

When employees add an unavailability, that unavailable time block will be greyed out on the team schedule. It’s visible so you can schedule with employee unavailability in mind, but you can schedule shifts that override the unavailability preferences of employees if needed.

If employees want to take time off and avoid shifts that conflict with their unavailability preferences, they need to submit leave requests. Learn more about leave requests on Camelo.

Tell your employees about the difference between unavailability and leave requests, as well as how to set unavailability and request leaves.

Open shifts

Open shifts are shifts that employees can choose to pick up. When you publish open shifts, employees will be notified and they can pick shifts that fit their personal schedule.

If you implement open shifts in your business, let your employees know what open shifts are and how to pick up open shifts.

Swap shifts

Employees can swap shifts with each other as long as they’re qualified. They’re still responsible for their shifts until you approve their shift swap requests.

Offer shifts

Employees can offer shifts to other employees that are qualified. Employees who send the offer are still responsible for their shifts until you approve their shift offer requests.

If you let employees swap shifts with each other or offer shifts to coworkers, instruct them on how to swap shifts and offer shifts.

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Apply flexible scheduling options

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