Shift status

Shifts on Camelo have several status. You can use status to filter shifts and view your workplace schedules, get a snapshot of your business operations, or simply view your personal shifts easier.

Shift status on Camelo

  • Awaiting To Confirm: Shifts you’ve assigned to employees and are waiting for employees to confirm
  • Confirmed: Shifts confirmed by employees
  • Rejected: Shifts rejected by employees
  • Starting: Shifts that are about to start
  • On Shift: Shifts in which employees are working on
  • On Break: Shifts in which employees are taking a break
  • Finished: Shifts employees have finished
  • Late: Shifts in which employees are late
  • Absent: Shifts in which employees are absent
  • Processed: Shifts that have been recorded in timesheets and paid
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Shift status

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