Upgrade your plan

Upgrading your Camelo plan allows you to access unlimited features on Camelo.

How to upgrade your Camelo account

Here are the instructions for upgrading your Camelo account:

1. Log in to your business account at https://dashboard.camelohq.com/.

2. Click the Upgrade Your Plan button in the top navigation bar, or visit our Pricing page to select a plan.

3. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to, and click Upgrade Now.

📌 If you choose the Standard plan, you can toggle on the switch for Time & Attendance to add time clock and attendance features to your plan. The price will be automatically updated when you toggle it on.

4. Enter your payment details, and click Subscribe.


  • You must have the Owner access level to upgrade your business account.
  • Accounts on a monthly billing cycle are billed at the end of each payment cycle. For example, a monthly account subscribed on January 12th will be billed on February 12th, and the invoice will be sent on February 12th.
  • Accounts on a yearly billing cycle pay for a 12-month subscription in advance for a discounted rate.
  • You will be billed for active employees during the pay period only. Archived employees will not be billed.
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Upgrade your plan

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